Hot girls' corset style bra

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Saying the word corset style bra, for example, is almost exclusively cool when Americans do it (remember dashes not hyphens -) the word doesn’t quite have the same ring in a thick Scouse accent.

Wrestling.womens bikinis sale There has never been a cool wrestler who wasn’t a stacked, beer-drinking, red-blooded American heartthrob.

Remember when we sent over suit underwear Blackpool-born hellraiser William Regal to compete alongside the likes of Stone-Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the WWE? Let’s not do that again.luonga45765


SHREDDING: These girls let it all hang out whilst skating in a concrete paradiseAnd fast food, of course. Our friends across the pond are the undisputed pioneers, dispersing increasingly deadly strains of burger and fries across the globe at a staggering rate.

Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can add women skateboarding in lingerie to the list of «things only Americans can do».

In the footage, three scantily-clad women dressed in corsets and fishnets shred some gnarly tricks in a concrete river basin, with varying degrees of failure.


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Viewers were equally impressed with her devotion.

«DAMN, the girl’s got heart!» said Will Coffey.

«This could catch on», agreed YouTube user ND Chiver.
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